Dark sky at night, astronomers' delight

Exmoor Dark Sky

Exmoor National Park's night sky, of which Lynton & Lynmouth are central to, has been awarded special protected status. It is the first place in Europe and only the second in the world.

Lynton & Lynmouth and their National Park's night sky are now an official 'must see'!

This new status, awarded by the International Dark-Sky Association, means the night-sky is protected and lighting controls are in place to prevent light pollution.

We of course hope that the new status will encourage astrotourism with people visiting Exmoor - especially during the longer nights of the winter currently drawing in.

Lynton & Lynmouth make such a perfect place to stay centrally on Exmoor as a base, to be able to drive up onto the moors at night and experience this exceptional quality of starry nights.

"In a big city like London you'll see maybe a hundred stars on a clear night, on Exmoor you'll see thousands. On a meteor shower in a city you'll see two-three shooting stars an hour, but on Exmoor you'll see maybe may 50-60."

Look out for a programme of activities in and around the National Park as part of a nationwide Dark Sky programme this winter.

Ordnance Survey